Track workout with Los Feliz Flyers

3.2 miles, 25:58 moving time. 5 strava trophies. [including 2nd fastest 1 mile (8:01), 3rd fastest 1k 4:56).

Lynda and I crashed the Los Feliz Flyers for their track workout. They meet on Wednesday nights at Cal Tech’s track in Pasadena. It’s only accessible to Cal Tech students, faculty, and LF Flyers. I felt smarter and faster! You enter through the Braun Athletic Center which is pretty nice. The sun was setting perfectly as we started sweating.

It was great to see some familiar faces. Scott, who is Lynda’s Volt Coach. Sebastian, Sue, Donna, NealG, from PTC. Jason and Megan from Braun Fitness.

We did a couple warm up laps and then stretched together as a group. Then we split into two group: the Main Group (fast) and TOG (The Other Group). We joined TOG. We did 3x 1 mile. The Main group did 400’s. They were super fast. Don and Chuck are the coaches (on the benches chatting). It’s quite inspiring to run fast when the main group zooms by you. I’m hoping all this speed rubs off on me for Sunday’s LA Rock n Rock Half Marathon.

IMG_1137IMG_1143 IMG_1144 IMG_1141 IMG_1142 IMG_1140.JPG

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