Track workout. Speed.

4.8 miles, 56:02 moving time. Track workout with Los Feliz Flyers at CalTech.

I got back to the track tonight. The holiday cancelled a few weeks at the track and life took out a couple weeks too.

There was a lot of people out at the track. It was great.

PTC folks: Lynda, Yuri, Barry, Gregg, Nicole, MikeW, Donna, Amy, Bill, and Scott.

TOG’s workout: 1600 – 1200 – 800 – 600 – 400 – 200.

For each segment, you were suppose to go 10 seconds faster on pace. I stayed on Barry’s shoulder for the 1600, 1200, and most of the 800. Barry was right on the money for the pace, without looking at his watch. He said his times and pace were from his swimming. My throat and lungs were killing me on the 600- 400. The last one 200 was an all out sprint that was short enough that my breathing didn’t have time to really freak out.

I am particularly proud of the pace I did on the sets:

1600: 8:38 min/mile pace. Four segments averaged. I kept hitting lap on garmin to get the 400 pace live.

1200: 7:55 min/mile pace. Three segments averaged.

800: 7:04 pace. Two segments averaged.

600: 6:41 pace

400: 6:03 pace. cowabunga dude. that was all trying to keep up with Barry and Amy.

200m: 4:54 pace. holy scholy. i hung onto barry on the straight and passed him on the turn.

that’s amazing. i had no idea i could go that fast.

Chrome Legacy Window 1142015 103624 PM

This is the pace data. i hit the lap button on the garmin to get the live 400 splits. i averaged the segments for the data above.

Track. 1600-1200-800-600-400-200  Run  Strava - Google Chrome 1142015 103613 PM Track. 1600-1200-800-600-400-200  Run  Strava - Google Chrome 1142015 103636 PM Chrome Legacy Window 1142015 103716 PM

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